Child Therapy Centres

Scope Australia - Paper Giant - 2018

The NDIS meant that Scope Australia needed to rethink their business model to ensure it remained profitable whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

To achieve this they needed to understand how an in-centre service for children would work in practice. Over 9 months we brought that service to life from discovery to launch.


Business Modelling

We explored a range of new service offerings and how they would work under NDIS rules to create a holistic experience that delivered new value to customers whilst being sustainable for Scope.


Service Prototyping

These new service offerings and the in-centre experience were brought to life through service prototypes that were thoroughly tested and explored with Scope’s existing customers and staff.


Promotional Materials

We created a range of promotional materials to support Scope’s staff in communicating the value and benefits of the new service to parents and their children.


Transition Guidance

To support the smooth transition from in-home therapy to in-centre therapy we then created detailed transition guidance that included maps, social stories and advice for parents.

Service Evaluation

We created an evaluation framework and a detailed report to demonstrate the quality of service at the new centres whilst providing clear opportunities for continuous improvement.


Centre Rollout

New centres have been rolled out across Victoria supporting more effective therapy that has expanded from an individual focus to a collective and community focus.

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