Digital Rebranding

Bank Australia - Paper Giant - 2020–2024

Bank Australia is Australia's first customer-owned bank and a certified B Corp that only invests in initiatives that are good for people and planet. That means when you bank with Bank Australia your money isn’t spent on fossil fuels, gambling, tobacco, live animal exports or arms.

They needed a digital partner who understood these values and could transform their website from confusing and uninspiring into one that was easy to use whilst communicating their unique and powerful message.


Design System

We researched, designed and tested a flexible design system that effectively balanced Bank Australia’s brand message with the functions and clarity expected from a modern bank.


Brand Voice

We brought Bank Australia’s brand voice to life through modules, CTAs and content. Natural tones and colours reflected the Australian landscape, visually connecting people to the brand’s purpose.


Banking Functionality

Clear layout, hierarchy and messaging simplified the complex whilst providing the trust, detail and functionality users needed.

Landing Pages

A flexible design system enabled Bank Australia to create bespoke experiences to support campaigns and above-the-line work.


Online Banking

Over 4 years we continued to provide an updated digital brand across all their touch points including online and mobile banking.


Award Winning

The result was a beautiful award-winning digital experience that delighted current and new customers – with the website winning a Good Design Award in 2023.

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