Digital Renewal

Powerhouse - Paper Giant - 2021–2022

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, now the Powerhouse Museum, is undergoing construction and renewal having received the largest investment in Arts and Culture in NSW since the Sydney Opera House.

They needed a digital experience that could live alongside the renewal process and augment the visitor experience before, during, after and between visits once the construction and refurbishments are complete.


Continuous Renewal

The museum’s renewal will take place over 5 years — encompassing two museums, events spaces, learning academies, workshops, an observatory and collection storage for nearly 400,000 objects.


Magnetic Attraction

The experience needed to be eye-catching and highly visual to draw potential visitors into the ongoing story of Australia’s culture through objects, their history and contemporary interpretations.


Temporal Explorations

The digital experience focussed on time and space to reflect the museum’s renewal and evolving role as a cultural organisation.

Adaptive Experiences

The design system was fully responsive and ensured the mobile experience was as compelling as larger screen formats.


Program Continuum

The program is presented as one continuous stream where past, present and future exhibitions and events come in and out of focus.

Parallel Threads

The navigation brings together all the threads of the organisation into one coherent view that can expand and contract throughout the renewal.


Future Horizons

The design system has been designed with the future in mind, using components and modules that can adapt to meet the evolving needs of the Powerhouse.

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