Conference Notes

AstraZeneca - DigitasLBi - 2013

There are 1.5 million attendees at over 6000 medical conferences each year, but the knowledge shared at each event is often slow to spread across the entire scientific community.

The Conference Notes app helped conference organisers to connect with more of the scientific community faster. Positioning AstraZeneca as a scientific partner rather than a traditional event sponsor. 


Connected Platform

I worked closely with a team of designers and developers to create a connected experience for conference attendees. Identifying the key users and connecting them together through a backend platform.


Event Planning

A planning tool for conference organisers enabled them to create rooms, add speakers and upload presentations. Attendees could then view the full schedule and plan their visit in advance.


Live Experience

In the room, attendees could view the speaker's slides up close on their app. They could then favourite slides, take notes and add annotations for future reference.

Cloud Service

Attendees notes were then stored in the cloud where they can be reviewed on iPad or by logging into the website. Downloadable PDFs were also available making it simple to print, send and share content.


Delivering Impact

The conference notes app expanded the reach of some of the biggest medical conferences in the US and it was eventually bought by a competitor who integrated the IP into their own service.

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