Moyo Mahali

AstraZeneca - DigitasLBi - 2014

AstraZeneca’s Healthy Heart’s Africa program wanted to create a sustainable service to contribute to the World Health Organisation's goal to reduce cardiovascular disease in Africa by 25% by 2025.

By working closely with NGOs, goverment and users we developed Moyo Mahali. A social franchise that upskilled pharmacies to provide easy to access screening and diagnosis for high blood pressure.


Ethnographic Research

The team collaborated with over 600 people to build a deep understanding of how the social, financial and healthcare systems worked in Kenya and Tanzania.

Barriers to Diagnosis

Our research identified 4 key barriers that prevented early diagnosis. The result was that people were often diagnosed too late or after an expensive, and avoidable, trip to the hospital.


Social Franchising

Local pharmacies were the most accessible and effective place to reach people. So we designed a service that upskilled pharmacists to provide basic screenings to their customers for a small fee.


Customer Tracking

The screenings were captured in a simple mobile app, along with the customer's mobile number, improving accuracy and making it easier to follow up with those at risk.


SMS Support

An educational text service and mobile loan scheme were then developed to encourage people to talk about their heart health and help them manage the cost of any medicaton.


Service Testing

The strategy, proposition and design of the service had been continually refined through in pharmacy testing and by running our own educational SMS service for 4 weeks. Making it simple for AstraZeneca's internal teams to pick up and deliver.

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