Digital Innovation Group

AstraZeneca - DigitasLBi - 2013-2016

To tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare AstraZeneca took a bold new approach in partnership with DigitasLBi - DIG.

DIG was an innovation accelerator that had a mixture of 60 technologists, service designers, strategists and researchers who worked in small teams to develop new products and services to benefit doctors and improve the lives of patients.


The Process

I helped to design the process, principles and space the teams used to tackle those challenges. A phased approach allowed us to run more projects simultaneously and ensured we only progressed with ideas that delivered real impact.


The Principles

A core vision and 5 key principles allowed each team to stay focussed on the goal whilst operating independently and quickly to design and test new ideas with patients, doctors and stakeholders.

The Space

We designed the space so all the furniture, screens and boards could move. This allowed the teams to constantly change the space to suit every phase of a project and communicate their ideas in new ways.  


The Pipeline

Over 3 years we developed and tested over 30 new products and services. Some of them failed fast but the best ideas have been integrated into AstraZeneca's own initiatives, launched as stand alone services and even been bought by other companies.


The Results

The program delivered exceptional results for patients, healthcare professionals and AstraZeneca. Both in terms of experience measures, such as NPS and PAM scores, and financial results, where AstraZeneca made back the program cost through savings made possible by the products and services we developed.

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