Water and Climate Data

Bureau of Meteorology - Paper Giant - 2018–2019

The Bureau of Meteorology does far more than just the weather. It produces data to support decision-making across industries including agriculture, defence, energy, transport and water.

We worked closely with the team at the Bureau of Meteorology to create a new interface design for their AWRA-L product and explore how they could make their full suite of water and climate data products more coherent and easy to use.


Product Design

A detailed interface was created for the Bureau's new AWRA-L product. It brought four timescales, multiple data layers and location-based tools together into one simplified view.

Guided Walkthrough

We collaborated closely with the scientists behind the product and they starred in a guided walkthrough that introduced the product and what it could do.


Use Cases

A detailed set of use cases were identified during the discovery research. This helped the Bureau to evaluate how much to invest in the product and who to target when the product went live.


Design Principles

From the research, we also drew a set of design principles that had broad application across all data types. These principles were brought to life with metaphors drawn from the interviewees.


Data Discoverability

The project was then extended to investigate how the BOM could better communicate the breadth of BOM’s water and climate data by making it easier to access and more consistent across products.


Schematic Illustrations

The products and their roles within the water system were also brought to life and explained using illustrations and diagrams that helped demystify the often complex scientific terminology.


Going Live

The initial AWRA-L product went live as the Australia Water Outlook service and represents the first step in bringing all of BOM’s products onto a new and aligned design system.



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