Future of the Post Office

Australia Post - Craig Walker - 2017

With 4000 stores, the Post Office is Australia's largest network of stores. Keeping that network fit for purpose requires a long-term view and a clear aim to group the organisation around.

Collaborating with Australia Post’s CX team, I led a comprehensive programme of research, design and strategy to create a new vision for the role of the Post Office in 3-5 years.


Discovery Journey

Over 6 months we travelled over 10,000kms, engaged over 150 stakeholders, met 90 customers and visited 45 Post Offices. The depth of our research allowed us to build a holistic view of the future, the organisation and what people need from the Post Office.


Discovery Book

All the findings were compiled into a research summary book. So teams across Australia Post could quickly refer to our research, work and insights and use them to guide their projects.


Stakeholder Engagement

Throughout the process, we engaged with all their departments – replaying our learnings, identifying key owners and using their knowledge to accelerate and push our thinking.


Future Visions

We then produced 3 future vision videos that addressed the core needs of the Post Office's key audiences. We mixed green screen footage with illustrations and designs to bring each vision to life.


Strategic Guidance

From the visions, 7 guiding principles, 21 service concepts and 3 clear horizons were defined to support and guide Australia Post as they transform the Post Office network over the coming years.


Scaled Approach

The work has been well received within Australia Post. A consistent scaled approach to design and innovation is now being defined to align the organisation around the new vision for the Post Office.


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