Public Site Redesign

Lloyds Banking Group - DigitasLBi - 2012

The UK's largest retail bank, Lloyds Banking Group, needed a new platform for its public sites to integrate the needs of multiple banking brands, divisions, and customers in one place.

I led a team of designers and created a digital experience that met the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders. We gathered requirements, tested prototypes, presented designs and integrated feedback from over 1000 clients and users.


Clear Direction

The design avoided superfluous detail and used the right mix of soft contours, edges and colour to ensure you always knew where you were and what to do next.


Financial Tools

A range of financial tools guided users to the right products for them by answering a series of simple and relatable questions.


Triple A Accessibility

The site also featured best-in-class accessibility controls to make the site easier to use for Lloyds TSB's 22 million customers. 

Campaign Microsites

There were also microsites for campaign activity. The biggest was the London 2012 site, which brought the games nationwide with local sports initiatives and the chance to carry the Olympic Flame.


Multiple Brands

The simple grid and reusable modules made it easy for Lloyds Banking Group to reskin the platform for their other bank brands and Lloyds TSB's rebrand to Lloyds Bank.

Built to Last

After 5 years the quality of the design work is demonstrated by Lloyds Bank's new responsive website retaining the content structure, user journeys and design principles this project established.

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