AstraZeneca - DigitasLBi - 2017

Modern medicine means that after a heart attack you can have an operation and be out of hospital in 48 hours. However it's the weeks that follow that are the most important to avoiding a second event.

Unless people make significant changes to their lifestyle and behaviour in those weeks - they're at an even greater risk than before.


Digital Coaching

By working closely with heart attack survivors we found the best way to support them was through regular interactions. Helping them to build up their confidence and make changes for themselves.


1:1 Coaching App

Those interactions were most effective when there was a real person with expertise to talk to. So we used a mobile app to make it easy to video, call, text and track progress with a personal coach.


Interaction Approach

A structured 4-12 week program was developed to help the coaches guide each survivor through their journey. As everyone is different it was designed so people could work through it at their own pace.

Personalised Content

Specifically designed content featuring articles, quotes, animations and videos helped the coaches to educate and motivate.


Real Experiences

One of the most powerful motivators was real stories from people who have gone through their recovery. Their stories, and their caregivers, became an integral part of the coaching process.

Marketing Materials

A colourful brand helped the service to stand out in hospital and encouraged people to take their first step to recovery.



By partnering with Duke Hospital and Vida we got the product to market in 6 months. The resulting average NPS scores, 80, and levels of interaction, 40 times a week, was industry leading and led to improved PAM scores across all of our test group.

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